29 January 2006

Romantic Gestures

What's the most romantic thing someone has ever done for you?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

a rose on valentine's day.

3/3/06 02:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

look me strat in the iey and sang to me.truely it wos from the heart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

28/4/06 18:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

took me on a camping trip and had roses and candles and all the beautiful things my heart could desire....and just being with her was the most romantic part of all, for the whole week!!!!!...just awesome....

15/8/06 20:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my forever love, my one and only...she and i were driving to our campsite in a town i had not visited in quite awhile...so I was concentrating on the road, and the signs...trying to remember where i was going so i wouldn't feel foolish (it was our first trip together.)
As I was looking straight ahead--suddenly--and very unexpectedly--I felt a soft, gentle and tender kiss--on the right side of my neck...and I almost veered into the other lane in shocked ectasy...
I will always consider that the first true kiss I have ever received.

15/8/06 20:38  

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