14 July 2009


On Thursday 9 July, a gay couple was arrested for kissing in the plaza by the reflecting pool east of the Salt Lake Temple. On the following Sunday, around 100 people held a kiss-in around Temple Square. Among the participants was 2009 Conference Director David Nielson.

Brief recap: LDS Church security told the arrestees that public displays of affection are not allowed on Temple Square and adjacent Church property. Couples married in the Salt Lake Temple normally have photographs taken on the front steps of the temple and around the reflecting pool, so a question arises about how the no public displays of affection policy is fairly enforced.

Another kiss-in is scheduled for this Sunday, 19 July between 12-12:30 pm.

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Blogger JAZ said...

I Shared this on another support group site...but I think it's relevant. Here goes...

So- after reading about the incident in the SLC Tribune & Deseret News that happened around the "kiss" between two young men...

I got to thinking. 60 couples, straight and gay generated enough press to get national coverage.

Remember the Million Man Marches on Washington?

I think we should organize the Million "Mo" March
on Salt Lake City.

MoMo's. Mormon Mo's.
And family of MoMo's are FaMo's.
Everyone else can be LoMo's...for Love Mo's.

Tee Shirts Galore stating who or what you stand for.

I can see us now. They don't have enough police to keep us from quietly, peacefully and lovingly walking through Temple Square hand-in-hand.

They could "lock" the gates...but then- how sad.
In any event...
We could start somewhere like the U of U,
or near one of the former Olympic Venues.
Then...march downtown and around the Temple,
and finally around the Conference Center & World Headquarters.

Remember the Dr. Pepper commercial and jingle
years ago?

Be a Pepper-
Drink Dr. Pepper...
Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper, too...etc.

Be a MoMo...
Think like a MoMo,
Wouldn't you like to free a MoMo, too...etc.

I can see it and hear it now!


14/7/09 17:06  
Blogger Brad said...

Love your idea. I think it's time to help the Church understand their are hundreds of thousands of gay members (many of whom don't dare come out of the closet and lead sad secret lives).

I have to say that I'm not big on the MoMo thing. Sounds like a coffee drink to me, but whatever. I guess I'm into telling like it is for me at least. So my t-shirt would read:


30/11/09 22:57  

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