06 February 2007

Coming Out to Your Doctor

Do you think it’s a good idea to come out to your primary care giver?


Blogger Onanite said...

I think it is essential unless you live a celibate life. Your doctor should be educated enough not to be homophobic.


8/2/07 16:34  
Blogger howller said...

My doctor, upon learning that I way gay, prescribed iron pills (assuming that I was anemic due to blood loss from anal sex) and added a "special handling" charge onto my invoice for my blood work.

I found another doctor.

10/2/07 22:58  
Anonymous hrmrk said...

Medicine is a business, just like anything else. Doctors are there to provide a service. Yes, let your doctor know you're lesbian or gay - definitely. He/she can help you manage your health and ensure the quality of your life.

If your doctor, is in fact, homophobic, move on. Life is way too short to people-please a medical provider who is strictly there for your needs - not the other way around...



2/3/07 07:19  
Blogger trevor said...

wow Howller, that is crazy, good work finding a new doctor. My situation is a little odd, where i knew my doctor and he knew i was gay before he was my doctor.. but yes i definitely think your doctor needs to know

6/7/08 11:26  

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