07 October 2007

Washington DC Conference

What did you think of the Washington DC Conference? What were, in your opinion, some of the highlights? Is there anything you would have done different?


Anonymous George Cole said...

The programming was very political and action-oriented, which has not been so strongly featured in some time. The large number of professional LGBTQI activists was very impressive and added a great deal of polish to the event as a whole. The theme "A More Perfect Union" was evidenced throughout every aspect of the conference.

There is a downside to this intense unity, however. It seems that women-, trans-, intersex-, and youth/young adult-oreinted topics were somewhat under-served; our great diversity wasn't always evident. We also lacked programming that affirmed those who choose to remain in or return to the Church.

Overall, beautiful job. Having lived the insanity of putting on a conference, it's clear this committee had it all together and any chaos was so controlled as to be invisible. I can't imagine how, with the talents and resources at hand, this could have been done better. Thank you, all of you.

8/10/07 10:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was my first conference and I was amazed by it. Especially Carol Lynn Pearson and the Graves. Many times I was very moved and have had many wonderful thoughts and observations since returning home.

Thank you!


8/10/07 18:02  
Blogger Scott said...

I had a most wonderful time. The conference far exceeded my expectations. Each of the speakers were exceptional and the entertainment great.

This was my first conference and I met so many wonderful people - all of whom I hope to see again at the Long Beach conference next year. I would recommend this experience to any and all GLBT Mormons!

9/10/07 13:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


This is Angelo from Rome.

I was very happy to attend the Conference, it was worth the trip to the US.

I felt a really deep connection to the Gay Saints... It brought wonderful memories back from my Church days and a bit of pain as well.

The Sunday devotional was the highlight for me... music has always been a strong part of my private worshipping.

I may not be LDS anymore but I cannot say that I have not retained part of it or that it has not shaped my life.

Most importantly, many of you are role models of what it is living your sexuality and your spirituality with dignity... without having to ask permission from LDS authorities.

I will do my best to see you next year in San Pedro... till then arrivederci!


12/10/07 06:50  
Anonymous Fernando said...

Dear Friends,

I really appreciate to all D.C. organizer during this Affirmation Conference, they were great. I had a marvelous and spiritual experience.

I met wonderful Christ like individuals, that made me feel very welcome. What a blessing to have you all being part of my life.

Love you all,

(Salt Lake City)

16/10/07 13:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's my favorite!!!

25/10/07 18:09  

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